The Oulton conservation area was first designated in 1975. In 1987 it was extended to include Oulton Hall and park. There are a number of listed buildings in the area, such as the iconic Nookin which is believed to have been built in the 1600's.


Living within the conservation area puts some responsibility on residents. Changes to the appearance of buildings and things such as tree pruning or removal are more regulated than they are outside of the conservation area. It is always best to check the guidelines before commencing any work.



Click here to open a link to the Oulton Conservation Area Appraisal on the Leeds City Council website.


The Oulton and Woodlesford Village Design Statement can be accessed here


The council website has really useful pages relating to the rules that apply to listed buildings, in conservation areas and general rules regarding planning. You can also search for and comment on planning applications on their site. Click here to access the planning pages.


Founded in 1971, the Society is a non-political voluntary organisation made up of people who live or work in Oulton. We are a registered charity, and we aim to promote a pride in our local surroundings.


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