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Founded in 1971, the Society is a non-political voluntary organisation made up of people who live and work in Oulton. We are a registered charity, and we aim to promote a pride in our local surroundings.

  • To stimulate civic pride in the history and character of Oulton.

  • To improve the fabric of the built environment for present and future generations.

  • To safeguard and conserve the heritage and character of Oulton and its surroundings.

  • To encourage high standards of planning, design and architecture.

  • To improve public amenity and quality of life.

  • To listen and advise the community and where appropriate campaign for their interests.

  • Act as a watchdog on planning applications and Highways issues - monitoring and commenting where appropriate.

  • Liaise with other organisations and officials including Leeds City Council, Ward Councillors and voluntary groups.

  • Give help and advice to the community on issues of public concern.

  • Promote improvements to public amenities.

  • Give support and financial assistance to Oulton in Bloom.

  • Organize various social events to raise funds to achieve the Society's aims.

  • Hold exhibitions of our extensive collection of old and recent photographs and memorabilia of Oulton. 


If you would like to become a member, please speak to one of our committee members or write to the contact address on our homepage.


Membership prices are as follows:


Family £10

Single £5

Senior Citizens £3


Donations are also welcome.


If you would like to help the Society in any way please use the form in our 'Contact' page or write to David Cove at the below address indicating how you would like to help and your contact details.


David Cove - 4 Bentley Square, Oulton, Leeds, LS26 8JF


You may be a professional with an appropriate expertise or someone with enthusiasm and a little spare time.


We can always use help, for example, with projects and campaigns, in delivering letters, leaflets and publications to members, and in running fundraising events and exhibitions.

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